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Performance 1-1

Performance de  Bata Industrials es una exclusiva línea de calzado de seguridad waterproof de alta tecnología, con diseño moderno y funcional, entregando  protección a través de un calzado liviano y confortable. Calzado Dieléctrico/Aislante  conforme a Normas:

  • ASTM 2413, testeado en laboratorio a 18.000 Volts durante 1 minuto con una corriente de fuga inferior a 1 mA.
  • NCH 2147/2 para Tensiones Inferiores a 600 , testeado en laboratorio a 14.000 Volts durante 1 minuto con una corriente de fuga inferior a 5 mA



Distribuidores de calzado de seguridad

Tenemos distribuidores de calzado de seguridad en las siguientes ciudades: [slp_directory by=”city” style=”list_with_count” locator_page=”/distribuidores-calzado-seguridad-cerca/”] Encuentre un distribuidor cercano:


Descarga del catálogo

On this website you can browse and look around for all the safety shoes Bata Industrials Australia has to offer at this moment. If you would like a printable version of our catalogue, you can click the download button below. Please consider the environment before printing.


Distribuidores y soporte

Encuentre un distribuidor cercano, o buscar en nuestro directorio de la ciudad.  


Bata Industrials Historia

The Bata Shoe Organisation is over a 100 years old and has a rich history of innovation and progress.


Mejorar la Vida Laboral

It has always been in our nature to innovate. Making shoes for workers has us continuously thinking; how do we make them safer, reduce weight, make them faster, make them more comfortable to wear and how to help retain energy. Our goal has always been to make the best, most comfortable safety footwear.


Consejos para pies sanos

How can you keep your feet healthy and your shoes safe? We give you useful tips for wearing and caring for your shoes, buying new shoes, and for determining your shoe size. Don’t forget that the right socks can also make a world of difference.